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Radically simple. Deeply meaningful. Strategically beautiful.
Welcome to a better way to build the digital experience your audience craves.

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Radically simple.
Deeply meaningful. Strategically beautiful. Welcome to a
better way to build
the digital experience
your audience craves.

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A special Few Designs


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Number 1

For wrenchers, movie stars, and Bavarians.

For wrenchers, movie stars, and Bavarians.

Keep Em Breathing is a small motorcycle shop with more than 25 years of experience in riding, maintaining, and breathing life into motorcycles and bike culture. With a particular passion for BMW motorcycles, specifically models from the early ’70s through the ’90s.

KEMB’s online experience is a user-friendly, design-forward place where enthusiasts can get the support they need to become the experts they've always wanted to be. There's access to like-minded organizations, documented bike builds, recommended restoration and maintenance shops, repair procedures and techniques, and hard-to-find parts.

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Keep Em Breathing Home page
BMW Illustration
BMW Model pages
External web link image
keep em breathing . com
Number 2

125 years. Time to be digital.

125 years.
Time to be digital.

D’Addario, a renowned manufacturer of musical instrument strings and accessories for more than 125 years, needed an interim Chief Digital Officer to evaluate, plan, and begin a digital transformation to drive future performance of its customer- and channel-facing digital properties.

The CDO role encompassed a year-long project starting with design and buy-in of a transformation roadmap, the selection of future platforms, negotiating with and hiring strategic, design, development partners—and ultimately migrating to a modern e-commerce, CMS, PIM and CRM platform that integrated elegantly with D’Addario’s legacy systems.

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Photo of guitar player
eCommerce home page
eCommerce home page
eCommerce sub-section page
Number 3

The light bulb goes off.

There’s no
place like home, page.

To expand consumer perceptions of General Electric beyond being “the light-bulb company,” GE produced  monthly home-page stories that spotlighted real-world innovation. This content portrayed a global company making a human impact with technologies ranging from

photovoltaic systems (solar energy) to diagnostic imaging for early disease detection. Videos, animation, digital applications and other media brought these stories to life through the lens of GE’s Process, Technology, and the People behind the breakthroughs. (Agency partner: VSA Partners).

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Aviation home page
Aviation home page
Aviation introduction page
Number 4

Hold the microphone. Embrace the lifestyle.

It’s not a microphone, it’s a lifestyle.

Sometimes, the most compelling brands can be undone by complex product experiences. For Shure, known for its standard-setting microphones and one of the world’s premier audio electronics manufacturers, this meant a need to bring logic and manageability to users of their primary consumer and channel site.

While unifying, elevating and energizing the brand online was a priority, the solution below the surface required a categorical redefinition of 1,500-plus products within 30 distinct product groupings, aligned with customer needs and mindsets. This rearchitecting made Shure’s online products more navigable, relevant and consistently expressed—and designed to grow and scale to the requirements of markets in 25 different countries. (Agency partner: VSA Partners).

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Singer at a concert
Shure log-in page
Drummer at a concert
Shure product detail page
Concert crowd
External web link image
shure . com
Microphone detail page

seasoned just right.

Sweet Simple Design combines the best of seasoned, big-agency thinking with the personal attention of individual practitioners (who happen to be leaders in their fields). We choose our client partners with care and give them our full attention—and hearts—when we take on their digital challenges.

Expect to work with a hand-picked, networked team of strategists, designers and technologists who come from some of the world’s leading agencies and brands, with over 1 billion years (we haven’t counted lately) of experience.

We work alongside clients to plan, design, and build immersive experiences that connect with the user, elevate brand understanding, and enhance the value of their investment in digital experience—from a startup Web presence to deeper content through full-blown transactional sites.

If you’re independent-minded, so are we. Get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

Patrick Heick, Proprietor

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